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Thursday, July 14, 2011

India Against Terror


India Against terror(IAT) is a citizen's movement to stop terror attacks that happens one by one after a time period. Description:-
India Against Terror(IAT) is a citizen's movement to stop terrorism in INDIA . We have to create a committee  like BHAGAT SINGH, CHANDRASEKHAR AZAD and RAJ GURU. The first step in creating a committee  is to make our self brave do or die for nation, This has to be then voted and approved by all brave people of INDIA then after the institution can be setup. Committee  have been introduced several times since first attack by our corrupt political party and politicians. Now its enough.
Due to the negligence of several governments in setting up the
Committee  , the corruption and harassment faced by the ordinary person has increased and enormously large scams leading to the loot of valuable public resources and the siphoning away of hard-earned tax payer money from more than a billion Indians by the powerful have become very common. But after all they can not live there life well due to bloody terror attacks.
This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for us to do something for our motherland. Each person's support and contribution matters. Each of us has to keep our differences from others aside and work tirelessly towards our common goal of a terror free India that all of us and the future generations will be proud of!

Unity is strength!